Dr. Dani L. Harris

Dr. Dani was born and raised in New York City, with early beginnings in Spanish Harlem. Life would not start off easy, being one of five children reared by a single mother. When mom fell ill and could not take care of her children, all five children would wind up in the foster care system for a number of years. When mom retrieved all her children from the system, Dani was 15 years old. The reunion would not last for long and Dani along with his sister would raise the three younger siblings after the death of their mother 2 years later.  

Dani is a survivor of many challenges in his life, but the situation that would change his life was at the age of 24. Dani was shot in the face at point blank range. Having an out of body experience, Dani experienced death and was blessed to return to the land of the living. This experience taught Dani to appreciate life, learn his personal gifts and contributions to the world, as well as figure out his personal life purpose and walk in that.


Breaking every early predicted statistic, Dani went on finish high school, and put himself through undergraduate, graduate and Doctorate programs. After a successful 18 year law enforcement career, Dani went on to become an adjunct professor for multiple colleges in the metro Atlanta area. For the past decade, Dani has been teaching, motivating, and helping others find their authentic path in life. Dr. Dani is a published author, professional speaker, professor, life coach and motivator that assist others in finding their authentic life path. Dr. Dani is also the founder and president of TRUTH (Touching Right Underneath The Heart 501c3) which inspires people to live their best life despite personal and professional tragedies.  


Developing the world to be a better place is much more fulfilling than obtaining financial gains. "When we are serving through our passions, abundance has to follow us". 


”when you are doing what you love, you are never working a day in your life”.

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TRUTH (Touching Right Underneath The Heart) is a Non-profit (501c3 and charitable) organization whose mission is to empower and encourage people and businesses to create favorable outcomes despite difficulties and challenges.

TRUTH Vision Statement: The goal of TRUTH is to provide knowledge, and coaching on multiple subject matters that affect everyday living.

Since we are a charitable organization, we make sure to give back to the community in multiple ways. Toy drives, food donations, free seminars and trainings are some of the ways in which TRUTH has impacted the community. 

TRUTH is committed to changing the world one business and one person at a time. . 



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