We can look around our surroundings and find fault in many things. We can find fault in the government, our families, our parents, our schools, or blame other races for the state of our being. In this country, the United States of American, we have spent years blaming others for the position in which our personal lives are in. Whether it si the examination of racism, homophobia, classism, ageism, government, politics, global warming, or any other worldly thing transpiring around us, therre is always something or someone we can point the finger at. The issue with the finger-pointing game is the inability to have control over these things. What we do have control over is ourselves. When we take the time to be concerned with our personal worlds. our perspectives of the "outside" world change.

This book will help you on your journey to emotionally grow up. 

Do you know what your Constitutional rights are? Do you know what to do when interacting with the Police? How do Police Officers think? Why don’t Police shoot people’s arms and legs? Do officers profile? Is there a such things as quotas? Learn the answer to these questions and so much more with this informative book. Officers speak on their own behalf answering questions about Quotas, profiling, vehicle stops and more. A must have guide to dealing with Police Officers, understanding your rights, and building positive relationship with your local police departments. It is time we move our country into a better working relationship between police and communities. It begins within the pages of this book. 
"This book is a must have in every home in America"
  J.L. King, New York Times best selling author.



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