In order to live our best lives now, it is vital that we understand where we are emotionally. Take a deep look inside to examine your emotional health in order to free yourself from the internal pain that hinders our personal growth daily. Discover what you were taught to believe and how it helps or hinders you emotionally.

Welcome book #1 of an 8 book series that will help you reexamine your life, your desires, your past, and your future. Learn to accept and appreciate life contrast along the way and discover the beauty of living in the moment! 

Create the life you desire and this series will show you how!!!!

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ISBN-13: 978-1508475538 
ISBN-10: 1508475539
Do you know what your Constitutional rights are? Do you know what to do when interacting with the Police? How do Police Officers think? Why don’t Police shoot people’s arms and legs? Do officers profile? Is there a such things as quotas? Learn the answer to these questions and so much more with this informative book. Officers speak on their own behalf answering questions about Quotas, profiling, vehicle stops and more. A must have guide to dealing with Police Officers, understanding your rights, and building positive relationship with your local police departments. It is time we move our country into a better working relationship between police and communities. It begins within the pages of this book. 
"This book is a must have in every home in America"
  J.L. King, New York Times best selling author.



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